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What makes Saas-Fee so unique compared to other ski destinations in Upper Valais?

Geography of
the Saas Valley

The four authentic mountain villages Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell and Saas-Balen have a very special charm.

With its special local character and the dramatic glaciers, Saas-Fee is the most extraordinary of them. It enchants and fascinates both residents and visitors again and again.

Skiing in Saas-Fee or recharging your batteries under the sun and spending time with your loved ones means avoiding the large crowds that travel to the nearby holiday resorts of Zermatt or Verbier.

Saas-Fee population: 1,636
Saas-Fee total area: 40.6 km
Saas-Fee height: 1,800 meters above sea level
Saas-Fee ski area: 100 m of slopes up to an altitude of 3,600 m, maximum snow reliability
Saas-Fee tourism: 2017/18 almost 600,000 in Saas-Fee and 1 million overnight stays in the region


It is often said that the destinations Saas-Fee and Zermatt are very similar – both equally charming and relaxing. 

However, Saas-Fee offers far less stress and noise with its slower pace of life and its more traditional ambience high up in the mountains. It is this tranquility – a mixture of idyll and coziness – that immediately welcomes you and in which you feel secure and at home from the first moment.

Saas-Fee is the largest and highest village in the Saas Valley and at the same time it is one of the quietest ski resorts in Switzerland, which makes it a popular travel destination, especially for families.


In a recent report Savills ranked ski resorts in a “Ski conditions resilience index”. Out of 55 resorts Saas-Fee is listed second after Zermatt.

This report assesses the future of ski resorts in the world based on the effects of global warming. It defines the league of the best placed resorts to maintain quality of skiing in the world. In the same list resorts like St. Anton and Val d’Isère are in the bottom 20. The altitude and snow guarantee is one of the major factors.

Average monthly amount of precipitation as snowfall

Climate table Saas-Fee village

Altitude and climate change


Saas-Fee offers pure diversity all year round.

For sporting activities there are four-thousand-meter peaks, accessible via ferratas and a variety of hiking trails and bike routes in summer. For connoisseurs, the sunny Mediterranean climate and the unique mountain and glacier world invite you to relax and to enjoy wellness and culinary specialties.

In winter, it’s not just perfectly groomed slopes at 3,600 meters above sea level that are waiting for you all the way to the village, but also alternative winter sports such as tobogganing, ice climbing, snowshoe trails, winter hiking, ice stock sport and cross-country skiing.

Your apartment in the Residence du Glacier is located in the middle of this alpine idyll. The apartment complex with a total of 21 units is located in the center of Saas-Fee and offers a clear view of the breathtaking mountains all around.


Saas-Fee has more than 1600 citizens, leaded by 5 municipal councils.







Cable Car

120 km of slopes. New major owner with Family Schröcksnadel, owner of the “Vereinigte Bergbahnen” with 10 ski resorts in Europe.

The SAASTAL BERGBAHNEN (STB) has plans to double the current ski area by expanding towards Italy. In summer 2016/17 the Spielboden cable car was replaced and to make further improvements, a significant capital increase was needed. Edmond Offermann made an offer to provide this capital, if he was allowed to obtain a 51% controlling stake in the STB. Saas-Fee, not in favour of giving the control to one person, turned this offer down. One year later, Saas-Fee accepted a similar offer under less favourable conditions by the Schröcksnadel group.

Advantageous features

Certainty of snow

Snow competence thanks to an altitude from 1,800 m (Saas-Fee) up to 3,600 m above sea level (Allalin).

Skiing in summer

120 km of perfectly groomed slopes are awaiting you.

High-Alpine area

SCertainty of snow, skiing possible in summer and winter.


One of the most charming and authentic villages in the Alps with a breathtaking view of the many four-thousand-meter peaks.


Including historical hamlets that are up to 500 years old. You can also visit the Saas-Fee Museum.


Skiers and snowboarders, whether beginners or professionals, will find slopes that suit their skills.


Mediterranean microclimate
300 days of sunshine.

Eco village

Saas-Fee is a car-free village and the first municipality in Switzerland with 100% green electricity.

Perfect for the family

The “Families Welcome” seal is awarded to Swiss holiday destinations that tailor their services and facilities to the wishes and needs of children. Saas-Fee/Saas Valley has been in possession of the seal since 2005.

Destination Saas-Fee

Mountain experience in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee offers a breathtaking mountain experience and an intact, authentic village image, which is why it is so popular as a holiday destination.

With the various mountain railways you can reach viewing platforms such as Spielboden, Langflüh or Morenia in just a few minutes.

Traditional mountain restaurants, marmots (the little mountain dwellers) and a fascinating view of the glaciers all the way down to the village await you here.

When you arrive on the Mittelallalin, you can spend time at the highest revolving restaurant in the world at 3,500 m above sea level.

In addition to the delicious culinary offer, the unique view of the countless mountain giants awaits you. Since the restaurant rotates 360 degrees around its own axis in one hour, you can enjoy this indescribable mountain panorama in a relaxed manner.

Another highlight: the gate to the inside of the Fee Glacier is open to you. The ice pavilion was completely redesigned in spring 2016 and takes you into the exciting story of ice that is over 2,000 years old.


Winter in Saas-Fee is something that you must not miss. In addition to the perfect slopes, there are a large number of mountain railways that not only invite you to ski and snowboard, but there is definitely something for young and old in the wide range of winter activities! Thanks to its location, Saas-Fee has 300 days of sun per year, so that you can soak up plenty of sun even in the “cold months”. One of the seasonal highlights in the winter months are of course the Christmas days and New Year’s Eve. The Christmas market and the festive lighting then give the whole place a special shine and charm.


Saas-Fee is directly connected to a network of hiking trails consisting of 350 km of well-marked trails and mountain tours with different levels of difficulty. From simple walks to demanding trekking, there is something for every challenge. Since there is no traffic and therefore no engine noise, you quickly come across a wide variety of animal species or even a whole herd of cows with typical, traditional cowbells. It is also not uncommon to see chamois mountain goats and marmots. The untouched nature and the varied landscape will inspire you. You will find over 240 different types of flowers and plants here. Whole valleys are covered with flowers in summer – including the protected Alpen-Edelweiss, a local specialty.

The mix of guests in Saas-Fee











A trip to Saas-Fee
and the Residence du Glacier

Regardless of whether you come to Saas-Fee by car or bus, all engine noises stop at the entrance to the car-free village. The bus stops at the bus stop at the entrance to the village. After that there is no more conventional traffic. Instead, small, emission-free and noiseless electric vehicles take over the transport through the village.

Saas-Fee itself is a valley with a view of the mountain peaks. From the entrance to the village, it goes downhill towards the center. On the opposite side, the climbs to the large peaks begin.

The center is a plateau surrounded by a large church with a bell tower, the primary school and the hotels The Dom and du Glacier.

The former Hotel du Glacier (now: Residence du Glacier) – is one of the oldest hotels in Saas-Fee. It is definitely the most dominant building right in the center of town.

With its entire width, the building faces north and south and offers a perfect view of two peaks: Allalinhorn and Dom.

Since it was built as one of the first hotels in the village in the early days of tourism, the building has a central location and therefore the best view of these two peaks, which are certainly the pearls of this region. The Dom is at 4,545 meters above sea level the highest mountain in Switzerland, which is located exclusively within its own national borders. Both peaks dominate the entire Saas Valley.

The outstanding air quality at this altitude offers real added value for relaxation. The difference to the lower locations in the area is clearly noticeable and the quality of the water is also exceptional. The water is drawn directly from these glaciers, with a natural purity and clarity that you can taste.

Thanks to the altitude of 1,800 m above sea level, the sun is also very strong in winter. A day in the snow with a short-sleeved shirt is not unthinkable here.

Competitor Set

56 family hotels with up to 40 rooms, are located in Saas Fee. Apart from a few exceptions, the current quality standard of the hotels is no longer up-to-date and hardly conducive to bringing back tourists

The market in detail


Information provided by STAG gives a complete picture of the entire hotel market in the SaasTaI.It shows decreases in 2011 and 2015 (pages 43 and 44), while other winter destinations had light increases. The hotel market is changing in Saas-Fee, more hotels will be converted into apartments in 2019. In the last 7 years 28% (317 hotel rooms) have disappeared from the market. Another 60 hotel rooms are up for discussion regarding conversion to apartments.


There are 1,029 holiday apartments in Saas-Fee, rated according to STF criteria. The majority (601) is 2-star accommodation, followed by 302 with 3 stars. There are very few good high-end apartments and chalets. The WinterCard was a lifeline for the dying apartment business in Saas-Fee. Since years modern apartments are missing in Saas-Fee.


Saas-Fee has a large number of restaurants to offer. There is something for every taste and nearly every pocket. In Saas-Fee, a Michelin-star restaurant is missing, probably because the current clientele mix can´t sustain such an option.


Saas-Fee is a seasonal business. The summer and winter seasons cover 8-10 months of the year. Most hotels and restaurants close during the off-season (April/May and Oct/Nov).

Saas-Fee and the stream of visitors

Saas-Fee offers constant tourism, as well as occasional somewhat quieter phases in the off-season. A well-booked winter season in Saas-Fee can be expected every year, while weekend bookings are more popular in summer, with the exception of July and August.

Out of 53 weeks a year, 16 weeks are very busy. During these weeks an occupancy between 80% and 100% can be achieved. When you buy one of the Residence du Glacier apartments in Saas-Fee, you too can benefit from this booking security.


If you are interested in our property in Saas-Fee as an investment property, you can be sure of constant inquiries and constant occupancy.

The winter high season begins in the last week of December just before the Christmas holidays. At this time the apartments are 100% occupied until the beginning of January every year. Until the beginning of February, the weekends are mainly occupied.

With the start of the ski and semester break in February to the beginning of March, the booking inquiries increase again and the apartments can be rented for 3 weeks (from Saturday to Saturday).

The end of the season are the Easter holidays and the extended Easter weekend, where full occupancy can always be expected.

From mid-July is the summer high season in the Valais Alps, with a high occupancy rate by hikers, family vacationers, ski testers and summer skiers. Basically, the months of July and August are well-used with 60% occupancy. From mid-September to mid-December it gets a bit quieter and the average occupancy in Saas-Fee is 20-30%. A good time for you to treat yourself to some autumn break in your apartment in the Alps.

Overall, the annual occupancy is 45%. It is therefore recommended to rent the apartments all year round in Saas-Fee.


From traditional Valais specialties to international gourmet cuisine: the gastronomic range of over 100 restaurants in Saas-Fee is as broad as the Mischabel group. In addition, numerous cafes, bars and pizzerias ensure that you can choose from the gastronomic offer even late at night.

Best of all: You can walk to all of the bars from your apartment.

Even if you want to spend a cozy evening at home and create your own delicacies, there are two shops in the immediate vicinity of your apartment. The butcher and the cheese shop are about a 5-minute walk away.


Sion is the closest airport for private jets. The public airlines are about 3 hours away from Saas-Fee.

You can easily reach them by bus, train or car.




Airport Sion

78 km

1,5 h

Airport Geneva

227 km

3,5 h

Airport Basel 

226 km

3 h

Airport Zurich

249 km

3 h

Airport Milan Malpensa

208 km

4 h


Saas-Fee in 100 Seconds.

Your apartment in the Residence du Glacier

One of the highlights of your apartment in Saas-Fee is the location with a simply incredible view!

The panoramic view is a combination of breathtaking nature and an overwhelming mountain and glacier world, which is practically at your feet, right up to the front door of your apartment.

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